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Alright, I just started reading this, and it's not bad, it has potiential though, and the only way to live up to it is to vary away from your sources. Now don't get mad, but I can tell that this is heavily based upon bleach and soul eater:

Let's see, he uses kilik's attack (lightning and fire fist), he uses a scythe, collects demon energys (bleach and soul eater), uses a phone to track demons and the demon wore a mask and now, the dude who saw a demon the first time randomly gets attacked again, his sister first (Ichigo and rukia reference). This isn't bad, and your characters are easily determinable (if not on looks, on personality). Now, it's always cool to draw information, but when you start copying source material, especially when the refrences are easily noticible, you have a problem. Now, just try and vary away from them as much as possible, and you'll be fine. I'm watching this with anticipation.

posted by RiakenTh on May 24th, 2009, 10:52 pm

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